I'm pretty sure you know the feeling.

That feeling of doing the work of three people, giving everything, you’ve got to your work and STILL not getting that payrise.

Maybe you have seen your co-workers progress, get promotions and payrises . Maybe you even tried to talk to your boss about it, but you’ve heard ‘we don’t have resources right now’ or ‘we don’t discuss payrises outside of annual reviews’.

You might be thinking:

  • My boss knows best when it’s time to give me a payrise
  • My company would pay me more if I deserved it
  • I would get promoted if I worked harder
  • I am not doing enough to get a payrise
  • I haven’t been long enough in the company

This is FALSE! The truth is:

  • Your boss has a million other things they focus on, to think about payrises
  • There might be a long procedure to approve payrises in your company so your boss doesn’t bother unless someone asks
  • Your company is trying to pay the least possible for any role
  • Your promotion is dependant on how you are selling yourself, not how much hard work you do – so working harder or doing more will not help you
  • Most companies don’t offer payrises for continuous employment outside of the inflation adjustments (usually 2-3% per annum) 

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What is Female Survival Guide?

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I have created Female Survival Guide to help people like you.

If you:

  • struggle at work to get people on board with your idea or project, regardless of what you say or do;
  • can't seem to convince your boss to give you a promotion or a pay rise,
  • find yourself thinking that you are not achieving the objectives you have agreed to deliver because people don’t want to collaborate;
  • question your own skills (although you never did before!) because you struggle to get your message across;

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